Geotechnical Parts

Rubber, steel & plastic spare parts or casting parts are available or custom manufactured for your geotechnical applications.

Products supplied are the fruit of extensive research and development from our departments to provide you with high abrasion resistant gaskets and nozzles, as well as high pressure resistant tubes to cope with your job site needs for better foundation quality finishing.

Range of Products

• Shotcrete Gaskets
• Spray nozzles
• Seals
• Strand Spacers
• Nail Centralizers
• Strand Cover Tubes
• Grout Injection Tubes
• Anchor Caps
• Etc



Structural pads, strips and bearings are manufactured according to British Standard BS 5400 and European Norm EN 1337.

Installed mainly to isolate concrete or steel structures such as water reservoirs, buildings or bridges, structural devices are manufactured using virgin Neoprene (CR) or Natural Rubber (NR).

Structural pads and devices are produced taking into consideration multiple factors:

• Load
• Rotation
• Horizontal Displacement
• Temperature Changes
• Climate Conditions
• Etc.

Range of Products

• Neoprene and NR pads sheets and strips
• Plain & Laminated Elastomeric Bearings.
• Sliding laminated Elastomeric Bearings.
• Fixed Pot Bearings
• Guided Sliding Pot Bearings
• Free Sliding Pot Bearings


Seals & Gaskets

Rubber Seals and Gaskets are manufactured according to European Norm EN 681-1.
Rubber Seals & Gaskets are produced taking into consideration multiple factors:
• Operating pressure
• Operating temperature
• Insulation type
• Fluid type
• Pipe & connection design
• Etc.

Range of Products

• Rubber seals for GRP pipes
• Rubber seals for PVC pipes
• Rubber seals for corrugated PE pipes
• Rubber seals for concrete pipes
• Rubber seals for iron ductile pipes
• Rubber & Aramid (Asbestos free) gaskets for flange connections
• Rubber gaskets for manholes


Anti-Vibration Pads & Heavy Duty Spare Parts

Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration pads, mounts or strips are available or tailor-manufactured according to the type of vibration and isolation requirements.
Pads, mounts or strips are produced taking into consideration multiple factors:
• Dead Load
• Live Load
• Vibration Type
• Climate conditions
• Etc.

Heavy Duty Spare Parts

Heavy duty spare parts are available in stock or customized according to your machines’ special requirements.
Steel die cuts and molds are custom manufactured to cast or extrude any new item upon request.

Spare parts are manufactured taking into consideration multiple factors:
• Isolation
• Insulation
• Abrasion
• Contact with corrosive solvents
• Etc.

Range of Products

• Rubber pads, mounts & strips
• Rubber rings & pulleys
• Rubber connections for couplings
• Rubber insulation sheets and gaskets
• Pneumatic, hydraulic & air pressure jack seal
• Poultry feather pluckers
• Rubber conveyor belts
• Plastic Injection specialty parts
• PE Plastic tubes and pipes
• Military vehicles spare parts


Road Contracting

Compactor Mounts are manufactured to meet high loads of tear resistance. They are designed to isolate high vibration frequencies and are tested to secure metal to rubber bonding.

Screws and bolts are chosen of high grade steel, to cope with the shear forces applied. Our product range covers the wide variety of Compactors, Asphalt pavers, Asphalt milling machines etc.

Customized Mounts or Track Pads can be designed upon your requirements.


Eco-Friendly Department

Since their introduction to the rubber and car industries, tire wastes represent a major environmental issue.

Tire recycling is indeed one of the most difficult processes, a fact that leads waste recyclers to use plastic or other easy-to-reclaim materials.

Benefiting from over 75 years of know-how in the rubber manufacturing industry and 25 years of research in recycling, MAP comes to provide a solution to the ever growing tire waste issue.

Our proven method can reclaim and recycle not only tires but any rubber dump available. Conveyor belts, sheets, rubber scrap from existing rubber manufacturers or other could all be introduced in the WRR® processing system, turned into raw material, sold to rubber manufacturers or even manufactured in-house, while benefiting from our manufacturing expertise.

Range of Products
WRR® rubber sheets
WRR® rubber mats
WRR® rubber tiles
WRR® master batch
WRR® batch
WRR® blocks

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